Our Process

Our Process

When you bring your challenging classic car repairs, restorations, or custom builds to our doorstep, the creative team at Black Bridge Motors springs into action, following a multi-step process that delivers the custom planning you expect and the incomparable outcomes you deserve. What can you expect when you partner with Black Bridge Motors for your vintage automobile project? Our process includes three main steps: diagnosis, discussion, and delivery.


We’ll start with a thorough inspection of your classic vehicle to chart the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whether you’re dealing with frame and body work, engine repairs, electrical issues, interior complaints, or all of the above, our skilled technicians will get to the bottom of what ails your lovely lady and come up with a list of suggestions for repair and restoration.


Once the diagnosis is complete, we can have a discussion about the direction you want to go with your custom rebuild. We’re here to collaborate with you, whether you’re looking for spec restoration services or bespoke customization that includes retrofitting modern amenities to elevate and enhance the finished product. We’re happy to offer creative solutions that help you restore the pulse to your once-great classic car.


We know that a slow restoration process can lead to major frustrations, which is why we strive to offer transparency throughout every phase of your project, from the moment you commission us to the final delivery. Your overall satisfaction is our priority, so we don’t offer solutions or timelines we can’t deliver on. They say getting there is half the fun, but we think crossing the finish line is just the beginning when it comes to bespoke automotive solutions. Until you get behind the wheel of that car and feel the purr of the engine in your bones, you won’t be truly happy. This is the thought that drives us to deliver perfection with every design and build.