Discover Custom-Built

Blackbridge Motors in South Norwalk, CT.

Just a short ride from NYC, we've improved on some of the most heralded works of automotive art from the 40’s to the 90’s. What started as a garage for private clients is evolving into a manufacturing center, repair and service facility, sales showroom, boutique featuring Blackbridge’s seasonal limited edition apparel, event space, and members only lounge with a calendar of private immersive events and experiences.

Your luxury experience should be

custom crafted.

We believe the most desirable luxury experience is built from a unique idea.  

Blackbridge Motors creates automobiles for clients that pay homage to the past while recognizing the benefits of modern technology.

By retaining the elements that construct the iconic and timeless, Blackbridge Motors bridges the gap between modern and classic and in turn creates a unique marriage of eras and ideologies.

You bring us your idea

we create your dreams

1. Everything starts by us listening:  whether we use a vehicle you own or we source a donor vehicle for you, conversation initiates limitless possibilities.

2. In collaboration we design the perfectly tailored vehicle for your needs, desires and lifestyle.

3. Production begins as we tirelessly handcraft your vision until delivered to your door.

1987 Land Rover 110 Exterior

2020 Fully Customized Tech + Luxury Interior

We retain the classic style and rugged good looks, while injecting modern, trouble-free technology and uncompromised luxury to create a completely new automotive experience.


Want to get behind the wheel?

All great things begin with a discussion.