Black Bridge Motors Featured In International Men's Luxury Publication Nobleman Magazine

Black Brige Motors was featured in international men's ultra-luxury publication Nobleman Magazine and heralded as a national leader in automotive design. 

Kara Studzinski, Nobleman's Manhattan-based Deputy Editor, visited the Black Bridge headquarters in early March to sit down with founder Scott Gilbert & company after a special tour of the garage, discovering their highly unique approach to "Building better machines."

 nobleman magazine blackbridge issue 12



She went out to say:

Automobiles tell a story. The story of an era, of a nation, of an individual. Cars are the canvas paint of our memories. Wherever you are now, you arrived to from a different place. The drive that powered you there, that’s your story. Buying the vehicle is merely the start of the journey these days, and over at Black Bridge Motors, they’re on a mission offering a one-of-a-kind experience to make something already special into so much more. 

Black Bridge Motors from NOBLEMAN Magazine on Vimeo.


“As much as we respect the classics, we are also wholly modernists,” says Scott Gilbert, CEO of Black Bridge Motors. “We believe it is our duty to constantly evolve the classic for future generations. You may not be able to top a treasure, but you can surely update it for a future generation to treasure in equal measure. We champion luxury because it is timeless, but hold evolution in equally high regard.”

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