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Ford Mustang Mark I

Mustang Mark I

The Ford Mustang is undoubtedly one of the most iconic vehicles in automotive history, and we commemorate this cinematic muscle car by introducing our take, the Blackbridge Mustang Mark I. First introduced by the Ford Motor Company in 1964, the Mustang was a symbol of Americana and still evokes memories of days from the past when cars vastly defined American culture. We have elevated this classic to the next level by re-engineering the Mustang to perform synonymously with a modern sports car. Staying true to the original essence of this iconic ride, we’ve completely redesigned the chassis, offering the ability to introduce independent front and rear suspension solutions. A state-of-the-art drivetrain, power performance braking, and a completely custom interior design are just a few of the ways we pay tribute to this cultural icon.

Power & Performance

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    • 107.1 Inch
    • 4 People
      Max Seating
    • 430 BHP
      Max Horsepower
    • 420 NM
      Max Torque


    Building on the original Ford Mustang design born in 1964, Black Bridge uses high-level engineering and quality craftsmanship to revamp every Mustang Mark I. A 107.1-inch wheelbase that has been road tested and proven begins the foundation for each build. Each Mark I build comes standard with the ultra-reliable and proven Ford Racing 5.0L V8 coyote engine configuration with 6R80 6-speed automatic transmission. All of our factory-direct, zero-mile power plants come with a 24 Month/50,000-mile warranty. 


    The Mustang Mark I is designed to bypass the obstacles faced when bringing a vintage vehicle up to today’s standard. Blackbridge has overcome the past by implementing a chassis designed with the inclusivity of wheel size and brake placement in mind. The support system and framing of the Mark I have been proven and tested as the sturdiest foundation for the classic Mustangs. Prioritizing seamless suspension and installation sets the bar higher and takes the early Mustang further than ever imagined.


    We give each Mustang Mark I support system the power upgrade it deserves. Nothing can compare to the importance of a braking system that can hold its own. Black Bridge installs a hydro boost pump, brake master, and perfectly proportioned bracketry equipped for countless road trips down the golden coast. The Mustang Mark I can handle double the pressure that vacuum boost can withstand. In addition, each corner is equipped with up to 2000 PSI of clamping force, making every stop as efficient as the start-up.


    We understand the need for a classic vehicle that does not require constant attention and maintenance. The Blackbridge Mustang Mark I is equipped with technology to enhance traditional engineering disciplines. With options for a heavy-duty suspension system, including upgrades to state-of-the-art shock absorbers, linkages, and protective dampers, this rebirth is built to withstand the test of time.


    Build Your Own


    The journey begins with an initial meeting with our in-house designer, where you share a vision for your interior. The process is a collaborative one, and you will be guided through a range of possibilities through renderings and swatches, based on your initial vision and personal style. Our designer is there every step of the way to work with you, answer questions, provide guidance and ensure a seamless design experience from start to finish. We meld our expertise with your inspiration to deliver an end result that is truly one-of-a-kind, surpassing expectations. 


    Every element of your Mustang Mark I interior is customized with your vision in mind. From flooring to seating to console and dash, no detail is overlooked. We source the finest materials from luxury leathers, suede and sustainable materials to wood grains and billet aluminum, to create an interior that is alluring and unique, while providing unmatched comfort. Each aspect of your Mark I is designed to be synonymous with luxury. Our goal is to discern your lifestyle and tastes through our meticulous attention to detail, making your vehicle completely unique.



    Our LED lighting packages deliver the powerful output needed to light the way. With a range of options from cool to warm, running lights to fog lights and roof rack lights. Our team will work with you to develop a lighting package that not only compliments the design of your vehicle but provides the functionality tailored to your lifestyle.


    The exterior of the Mustang Mark I is available in any color choice, ranging from classics to modern. Opulent blues, fiery reds, and subtle chic grays are just a few examples of the options we have to offer. Once you establish the color that speaks to you we will design renderings and spray out samples to bring the vision to life before your commitment.


    Staying connected to the latest technology is important, even in the driver’s seat.  An all-digital dashboard interface is coupled with classic styling to create an environment that functions seamlessly while integrating modern day capabilities.  We’ve designed the ability to own a timeless classic with modern-day technology.


    Whether you’re a solo rider or a family of 4, the Mustang Mark I has seating options to accommodate. Seating can be customized from bucket seats to captain style. With a range of choices for materials, colors, and even small details such as stitching, we have options to suit every taste and style, truly bringing your vision to life.


    We offer a variety of wheel options for every Mustang including outlaw, machined, and alloy. There are an array of shine options and finishes available to completely customize the look of your vehicle. Have something unique in mind? Our design team will work with you to source options bring your exact vision to life.


    The steering wheel is often overlooked, but one of the most critical and heavily used interior trim components. We offer a variety of solutions to fit every style, understanding the difference is in the details. Ranging from the classic look of evander wood to the sleek touch of the blacked-out nardi challenge, our custom steering options will enhance the style of your interior.

    Start Building Yours

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