1952 Chevy 3100

Antique car style with the reliability of today’s tech and a 2016 Corvette engine. 
  • 206 LS3 Chevrolet Corvette engine 
  • Matching Corvette transmission 
  • Only 2,000 miles 
  • Patina blue paint 
  • 8-cylinder engine 
  • 4 speed automatic transmission 

This classic truck’s engine is brand new from the factory. It’s a 1952 Chevy Half Ton with a 2016 LS3 Chevrolet Corvette engine. It also has the matching transmission from Chevrolet, too. The 1948-1953 Chevrolet Series 3100 half-ton pickups benefited from a redesign that took Chevy trucks into a new era of comfort, convenience, and style. Chevy's restyled "Advance-Design" trucks were introduced in 1947, well ahead of its first new postwar cars, and little changed in appearance through 1953. The same basic design family was used for all of its trucks including the Suburban, panel trucks, canopy express, and cab overs. The cab overs used the same basic cab configuration and similar grille but used a shorter and taller hood and different fenders. The unique cab over fenders and hood required a custom cowl area which makes the cab over engine cabs and normal truck cabs incompatible with one another while all truck cabs of all weights interchange.

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