1965 Austin Mini Moke

Military past meets beachfront cruising in this fun, small, front-drive utility and recreational convertible.

  • Complete rotisserie restoration
  • Only 200 miles
  • 1.4 Lt 1380 CC engine
  • Over 100 hp
  • Focal stereo system
  • Fuseless electrical system
  • Disc brake all around
  • 4 speed manual transmission
  • Hawaiian blue
  • Custom interior
  • Custom sailcloth top
  • Fusion waterproof stereo
  • LED headlights/All LED lights throughout the car
  • Custom wooden steering wheel

The Austin Mini Moke began production in 1964. It was designed as a four-wheel-drive jeep-like utility vehicle for the British army. The peculiar looking Mini Moke has gained a somewhat cult status among its followers. It was initially built at the Morris facilities in Oxford, England, but production soon moved to the British Motor Company (BMC) facilities in Birmingham. BMC was the result of the 1952 merger between Morris and Austin, and just 15,000 Mini Mokes were produced there until 1969. They were built on a Mini sub frame and powered by a 890 cc transversely-mounted Mini engine/gearbox unit with front-wheel drive.

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